July 2018

HELP Appeal donates £250,000 to King’s College Hospital Charity

Robert Bertram, Chief Executive of the HELP Appeal - the only charity in the country dedicated to funding hospital helipads - has presented a cheque for £250,000 to Ian Smith, Chairman of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. This latest donation brings the total amount given to £2.25 million of the Help Appeal’s £2.75 million pledge to King’s College Hospital Charity. This money has helped to build a lifesaving helipad with a Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS) at King’s College Hospital’s Denmark Hill campus.

Robert Bertram (left) presenting Ian Smith (right) with a cheque

King’s College Hospital is one of four major trauma centres in London, serving a population of 4.5 million people from South East London to the Kent coast. Over the past year and a half, there have been 362 landings on the helipad, which is an average of four landings every week. Previously helicopters had to land in Ruskin Park and then move patients to a road ambulance, adding 25 minutes to the emergency transfer. In the first year after the helipad opened, 162 patients were brought to King’ by air ambulance.

Last October, 40-year-old Tom Locke, a father of three from Hythe in Kent, fell three storeys from the roof of his house while trying to remove nesting pigeons from behind solar panels. He fractured every bone in his face, as well as sustaining an open femoral fracture, a fractured wrist and forearm, a dislocated elbow and severe haemorrhaging.

After his partner, Lydia Clark, described Tom’s injuries to the 999 call operator the decision was made to send an air ambulance, which arrived around 20 minutes later. Tom was intubated at the scene and arrived on the helipad at King’s around 25 minutes later. Following stabilisation in the Emergency Department, Tom was moved to the Intensive Care Unit and the next day had his femur fixed, wrist set and was given a tracheostomy so he could be woken up. He has since undergone 10 hours of facial reconstruction and has made a good recovery.

Tom said: “Without the helipad I probably would have died, so I’m so grateful for King’s and the air ambulance crew for saving my life. You really don’t realise how crucial it is until you need it – thankfully my boys still have their daddy.”

Lydia added: “Without the helipad Tom may not have made it in time. This whole experience has had such a dramatic effect on all our lives, and thanks to the helipad and team at King’s our family has been kept together. Looking back I can see how much difference the extra minutes the helipad saves can make – the traffic near King’s was so bad on the day that Tom was brought in that I ended up getting out of the car and running to the hospital.”

Robert Bertram said: “We are delighted that the HELP Appeal can continue to fulfil its pledge to King’s College Hospital Charity. We are hugely grateful to the generosity of the public as we don’t receive any funding from the government or national lottery. It’s great to see how our donations have made such a difference to a significant number of critically ill patients who’ve been rescued from across the South of England.”

Ian Smith, Chairman of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust added: “Thanks to the new helipad at King’s College Hospital, more critically ill patients can receive the urgent care they need quicker. We are extremely grateful to the HELP Appeal and its supporters for funding this project to help King’s deliver life-saving care as quickly as possible.”

Tom and Lydia with their three boys

March 2018

King’s patient Kiko Matthews smashes world record to become the fastest female to solo row the Atlantic Ocean

Kiko Matthews on her row boat

Kiko Matthews has set a new world record for rowing solo and unaided across the Atlantic Ocean, completing the 3,000nm journey in just 49 days – almost a week quicker than the previous world record.

In 2009, Kiko nearly died of a brain tumour and underwent lifesaving neurosurgery at King’s College Hospital in London. The tumour resulted in Cushing's disease, a syndrome that causes excessive amounts of the hormone cortisol to be released by the adrenal glands. This rare condition can cause memory loss, psychosis, diabetes, osteoporosis, insomnia and muscle wastage, as well as further tumours.

Eight years ago, Kiko could barely walk up the stairs. Less than a year ago, while training for her Atlantic row, Kiko had a recurrence and had to have further surgery to remove a second tumour.

Following the treatment she received at King’s, Kiko wanted to give something back and set herself a phenomenal challenge – to row the Atlantic Ocean solo and unsupported, and raise £100,000 for the new Critical Care Centre that is currently being built at King’s Denmark Hill campus.

Kiko set off on her 3,000 nautical mile journey from Grand Canaria to Barbados in February. Late last night, Wednesday 22 March, she smashed the current world record arriving in Barbados at 11.30pm after 49 days at sea.

A year ago, Kiko had never rowed before. This incredible achievement was accomplished in aid of King’s College Hospital Charity’s Support Life Appeal, which aims to raise £2.5 million to fund life changing enhancements to the new Critical Care Centre. Charitable support will provide the world’s first outdoor critical care facility, improve the internal environment for patients, staff and their families, and support research in the new centre.

Kiko says: “The thought that eight months ago I was lying in hospital having my brain operated on and now I am here having rowed the Atlantic, I guess I am a bit proud. I have shown that anyone can attempt anything given the right attitude, belief, and support.”

Dr Thomas Best, Critical Care Consultant at King's, thanks Kiko for all her hard work: “Congratulations, you’ve broken the world record! Everyone here at King’s and King’s College Hospital Charity are so proud to be associated with someone so extraordinary as you raising money for us. You are an inspiration to all of us. The money you’ve raised will have such an impact on thousands of patients. Thank you so much.”
Dr Thomas Best

Kiko has already raised over £82,000. Read about her incredible journey on her website and sponsor her online at

October 2017

Research Capability Funding: open bid 2017/18

King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and King’s College Hospital Charity are working together to build research capability and capacity.

We are now inviting applications for research funding from two streams of funding available to staff interested in developing new or existing research:

  1. £40,000 of RCF funding earned in respect of the Trust NIHR income received in 2016
  2. £40,000 of funding from King’s College Hospital Research Fund

Funding allocations/applications are for up to £10,000 in both cases. The Trust’s Research Office will work with the Charity to evaluate proposals for charitable grants.

All applications will need to be submitted to by Friday 17th November 2017.

For further information and application forms please click on the link below:
Charity Open Call application form

Trustee with Marcomms/Fundraising expertise

King’s College Hospital Charity is at a pivotal stage in its development.  We were established as a new, independent charity in April 2016, and will take over responsibility for fundraising for King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust across all of its sites during the second half of 2017/18.

We have recently appointed Claire Wood Hill as our new Director of Fundraising and Communications and are seeking to recruit a trustee with skills and expertise in marketing, fundraising and/or communications to join our Board. Above all, we’re looking for people with a collaborative style who can make a powerful and lasting personal contribution. Whatever your background, you will be joining a highly motivated Board with a real passion to grow a Charity that is making a tangible impact on the lives of people locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

For more information please click on the link below:
Trustee Recruitment Oct 2017

Small Grants Programme

King’s College Hospital Charity works to improve the care offered to patients and service users of Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust).

Our vision, aligned to that of the Trust, is an outstanding local hospital & world class centre for specialist clinical, teaching & research excellence.

The Charity is a catalyst for innovation and excellence. We do this by fundraising and giving grants that enhance services and facilities, support research and development, and improve the working environment for staff.

What is the Small Grants Programme? Why was it introduced?

A Small Grants Programme was established in 2017 to enable departments or specialties within the Trust to conduct small scale projects:

  • in which a relatively small amount of money (£25,000 or less) can make a big difference to patient outcomes and experience
  • in which there is a focus on innovation and transformation.

What projects have been awarded grants this year?

Earlier this year, 10 projects were successful in securing Small Programme grants including:

  1. A personalised online weight management package for kidney transplant patients
  2. Making Children’s A&E more child and family friendly
  3. Production of ‘A Patient Safety Story’ video to support staff training
  4. Creation of a therapeutic sensory room for older inpatients in Donne Ward
  5. A ‘Motomed’ bed based bike to support rehabilitation of patients in the Critical Care Unit
  6. Software and equipment to reduce anxiety and distress in children undergoing endoscopy
  7. A personalised online weight management programme for kidney transplant patients
  8. A youth worker to support young patients in the liver transition service
  9. ‘Patient Knows best’ software to support the introduction of web-based electronic patient held records to support patients with HIV and haematological malignancies
  10. Furniture and fittings to make the Clinical Decisions Unit (CDU) more dementia friendly
  11. Introduction of Perfect Ward app for use in outpatients. (Other charitable funds were used to support its introduction into the wards).

The Charity is following up with grant recipients to ensure these projects progress on time and in budget this year.

What are the criteria for the Small Grants Programme

Our overall grant making policy seeks to identify and support projects that are:

  • Focused primarily on enhancing the welfare of patients/service users of the Trust
  • Aligned with the Trust’s strategy and priorities
  • Innovative (projects that push the boundaries and transform services and outcomes for patients)
  • Additional (fund developments that cannot be funded via other sources of voluntary income, augment not replace expenditure)
  • Sustainable (prime innovation in service development and/or early research)
  • Evidence based (clear research evidence with a demonstrable positive impact)
  • Value for money (level of investment versus their expected outcomes and impact)
  • Aligned with Foundation Trust policies.

For the Small Grants Programme, the Charity specifically seeks to encourage applications for projects that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • projects in which patients and services users and their families are directly involved
  • projects in which there is a potential impact across more than one ward, speciality or hospital site
  • projects from departments/specialties in which there are no designated funds, or designated funds held for this purpose are below £50,000
  • projects involving nurses, allied health professionals, multi-disciplinary clinical teams and non-clinical services/staff
  • projects in which there is an element of staff fundraising or other income generation.

N.B. Research projects are not eligible but the Charity and Trust Research Office carried out a joint call for small grants under £10,000 to build research capability in November 2017.

June 2017

King’s College Hospital Charity announces Hilary Sears as new Chair of Trustees

We are pleased to announce that King’s College Hospital Charity has appointed Hilary Sears to lead the Board of Trustees overseeing the development of the Charity as a strategic partner to King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

“I am delighted to welcome Hilary as our new Board Chairman,” said Gill Edelman, Chief Executive of King’s College Hospital Charity. “Hilary’s experience and expertise in helping guide organisations through times of transformational change will be particularly valuable as we develop our own fundraising team and embark on new plans for growth and development of the Charity.”

Hilary recently completed her terms as Chairman of the Multiple Sclerosis Society (supporting MS sufferers and their families, and raising vital funds for research), and of KIDS (supporting disabled children). She was a driving force behind the StopMS appeal, and presided over modernisation programmes, the development of the current strategies and re-branding.

Hilary was a Vice-President in global firms Korn Ferry and AT Kearney, who seconded her to the Cabinet Office to focus on talent management for Senior Civil Servants. Hilary has a Cranfield MBA and an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School. She is Deputy Chairman of the International Advisory Board of Cranfield School of Management and is a Trustee of the Cranfield Trust.

Hilary said, “I am honoured and excited to be taking on the role of Chairman, with the opportunity to help establish King’s College Hospital Charity as a vibrant and dynamic organisation focused on helping the King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust achieve its ambitious development priorities. I am proud to be able to use my skills and experience to help the Charity strengthen the Trust’s links with its local communities and contribute to enhancing its global reputation for clinical excellence.”

April 2017

New Designated Fund Advisors' Operating Instructions 2017 - 2018

Donations that are intended to benefit a specific ward, department or clinical specialty in the Foundation Trust are generally held in one of the Charity’s ‘Designated Funds’. There are over 170 of these funds with two Fund Advisors each appointed to advise the Charity.

A copy of the new Operating Instructions for Designated Fund Advisors can be downloaded here:-
KCHC Designated Fund Operating Instructions

April 2016

King’s College Hospital Charity has reconstituted as an independent charity
King’s College Hospital Charity was reconstituted as an independent charity. We are no longer an NHS charity. We are independent from the Department of Health and are now regulated solely by the Charity Commission. We have a new charity number (1165593) and are registered as a company limited by guarantee (09987908).

We reconstituted as we believe that independence will enable us to better deliver on our mission, provide a stronger foundation for the Charity’s future growth and development and reduce the administration associated with being an NHS charity.

Our mission remains unchanged. Our primary beneficiaries are the patients and service users of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and we will continue to work closely with the Board, managers and staff across the Trust.

Our passion for ‘making a difference’ is undimmed. Our activities will continue to focus on enhancing services and facilities, improving the working environment for staff, and supporting research for the ultimate benefit of patients.