Our Mission

King’s College Hospital Charity works to improve the care offered to patients and service users of Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Our vision, aligned to that of the Trust, is an outstanding local hospital & world class centre for specialist clinical, teaching & research excellence.

The Charity is a catalyst for innovation and excellence in the Trust. We do this by fundraising and giving grants that enhance services and facilities, support research and development, and improve the working environment for staff.

The Charity funds projects which improve every aspect of health: it does not replace core NHS funding, but instead, funds projects which go ‘above and beyond’ NHS-funded services to deliver the best outcomes for patients.

Our grant making policy

  • Focused primarily on enhancing the welfare of patients and service users of King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust – including, where appropriate, supporting collaboration with colleagues across King's Health Partners to realise a shared ambition for excellence in teaching and clinical care, underpinned by world class research;
  • Aligned with King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s strategy – Our activities will be supportive of the Trust’s plans and emerging priorities whether these are developments in key specialties; system wide changes that support the Trust’s overall development and performance, or projects that enhance its distinctiveness, reputation and standing locally, nationally and internationally;
  • Additional – our explicit additionality policy ensures that we augment rather than replace expenditure which should be funded from NHS budgets, and seek to fund developments which cannot be funded via other sources of voluntary income;
  • Innovative – the Charity is keen to support projects that push the boundaries and transform clinical services to deliver improved experience and outcomes for patients and service users, and, in so doing, the Charity is prepared to accept a degree of risk associated with this type of funding;
  • Evidence based – the Charity will support developments that are underpinned by clear research evidence, or that will help build an evidence base through innovation and evaluation, and can therefore demonstrate positive impact i.e. on the quality of services, the experience of patients (and their families) and on their health outcomes;
  • Sustainable – the Charity will pump prime innovation in service development and/or early research. We will provide ongoing funding for projects only where these are either truly additional, or where there are realistic plans for securing longer term funding. We will only pay for equipment and facilities where ongoing funding for maintenance costs is in place;
  • Value for money - the Charity will seeks to assess projects according to the expected returns i.e. the level of investment versus the expected outcomes and impact;
  • Aligned with King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust policies – All grant expenditure must comply with Trust policies and procedures e.g. recruitment, procurement.

Our strategic priorities

The Charity has three priorities for grant making:

  • Further developing and delivering a strategic grants programme that delivers positive outcomes and impact for patients, service users and their families;
  • Ensuring key services/specialities use and develop their designated funds to support innovation and improvement in clinical services across the Trust
  • Developing and delivering a Small Grants Programme.

Our grant making strategy is focused on improving patient care at the Trust through:

  • Supporting major transformation projects;
  • Enhancing equipment and facilities;
  • Supporting and pump priming clinical research;
  • Improving patient experience and welfare;
  • Supporting staff skills, health and welfare.

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Compliments and complaints policy

Fundraising with vulnerable persons policy